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HRGames Northeast
Regional Competition
Registration Form

Copyright 2004    David A. Wheeler, Ph.D., PHR, CMT   Last updated 03/05/04 12:59 PM


REGISTRATION FORM SHOULD BE RETURNED BY APRIL 1, 2004.     No registration fee.  The first 16 teams to submit will be guaranteed registration.  Additional teams may be accepted if there is enough demand.  A second team from each student chapter may be accepted if 16 teams do not register by April 1. Submit a second copy of this form with your second team on it at the same time as the first team's registration or at a later date.  Clearly identify the second team.


Mail List: All participants must subscribe to the HR Games NE Region email list to receive confirmation of their registration and other information. All of this information will be available on this web site if you choose to be responsible for retrieving it instead of having it emailed to you.  Expect about 10 messages per year from January through April.  Unsubcribing is easy  and information is available at the bottom of each message.


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EMAIL REGISTRATION OPTION (Preferred)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


To assist us in accurately recording your registration, please fill out this spreadsheet and attach it to an email to  This is not required but may be substituted for a written registration if emailed from the advisor's email address.


hrgames ne region registration excel file




If you prefer to register by mail, complete this form. - - - - - - - - - - 


(* is required information)        


*Undergraduate Chapter Number:                                        Chapter Team Number:




School Address:




*SHRM Advisor:                                                            *SHRM Advisor Signature:


Advisor Phone Numbers:


Advisor FAX Number


*Advisor Email:


*Team Captain (name and SHRM ID):


*Team Captain phone and email:


*Second Team Member (name and SHRM ID):


*Third Team Member (name and SHRM ID):


SHRM ID required by date of games not for registration.


If not emailing your registration, send copies of this form for each team to:


David Wheeler, Ph.D., PHR, CMT

Massey 3

Robert Morris University

881 Narrows Run Rd

Moon Township  PA 15108


Phone: 412-491-7069        FAX: 412-262-8494         Email: