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Welcome to the homepage of the Robert Morris University Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management.  Our goal is to make this page as useful as possible to our members.  We want this to be your home page. Let us know what would make this most useful to YOU our VALUED MEMBERS!

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Networking Opportunities

Join the alumni discussion group mentioned at top of page. To post messages, email to

Fund Raising Opportunities
50% of the profits you raise go toward your professional expenses

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Scholarship Opportunities

Heckel Memorial Scholarship Deadline February 15, 2004 for the 2004 -2005 school year. Application available from Dr. Wheeler.

Faculty Members at Robert Morris who have chosen to link to this web site.
Participating Faculty Courses Taught
David Wheeler, Ph.D., PHR, CMT

Office Hours


HRMG 4200 Human Resource Management Seminar
HRMG 490x HR Management Internship
PYSC 1010 General Psychology
PYSC 3230 Industrial Psychology
PYSC 3240 Psychology of Adjustment
PYSC 3550 Human Growth and Development 

We will be placing a group order for these books early January, 2004.  Contact me if you want to be included in the order.

HR Certification Guide $21 for members (New edition available in January 2004?) 
Mathis and Jackson 10th edition (2002) $106 for members
2003 Pennsylvania and Federal Employment Law Manual $126 for members

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