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History of Changes to Web Pages - Robert Morris University Society for Human Resource Management

Copyright 2003 David A. Wheeler, Ph.D., PHR, CMT   Last updated 09/08/03 10:48 PM

9/8/03 - index page updated with new subscription form to

9/10/02 - Marquee updated.  Web page dates updated.

2/13/02 - Links to individual campus home pages. - David Wheeler

2/11/02 - Revised home page.  HRGames Regional Website updated with housing information. Corrected links in old newsletters- David Wheeler

1/15/02 - Updated marquee and web page.  Alumni news group set up. HR Games Regional competition website set up. - David Wheeler

12/3/01 - Marquee updated - David Wheeler

11/28/01 - Set up email newsletter - David Wheeler

11/27/01 - Main page updated, marquee updated,  fundraising and networking opportunities updated - David Wheeler

11/26/2001- Main Page updated, marquee updated, invitation to PHRA lunch - David Wheeler

10/8/2001 - Marquee updated, new volunteer opportunity - David Wheeler

10/2/2001 - Merit Award Document added to website, new scholarship opportunity \ - David Wheeler

9/24/2001 - Marquee added to index page for announcements- Shannon Holland

8/31/01 Links updated, additional links to SHRM website added, added info about scholarship applications, webhistory file added - David Wheeler

August 2001,, set up in anticipation of acheiving university status which officially begins 1/1/02 - David Wheeler

Original Site, set up by Scott Dietz.