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HRGames Area I
Regional Competition

Copyright 2003 David A. Wheeler, Ph.D., PHR, CMT   Last updated 02/17/04 02:43 AM


Location: Cornell University, Ithaca NY    

Date: April 11-12, 2003


Sponsored by Cornell University SHRM

Registration by Robert Morris University SHRM


Ithaca, NY is located in the Finger Lakes region of central New York.  Airports are located in Ithaca and Syracuse NY.


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HR Games Area I Registration Information and Forms


Housing Information


Directions to Ithaca NY


HR Games Area I Schedule


HRGames Area I Registrants  

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HRGames Area I Matchups


HR Games Area One Results (2002 results)


Resumes of Participants:  We will be putting together a resume book to be distributed to the HR Professionals at the games.  Contestants should email me their resumes in Microsoft Word format by 4/1/2003. 


Dress Code: Most teams wear a Golf shirt with their school logo with slacks. There is no dress code but you should aim for business casual. Suits not necessary. Jeans discouraged.

All participants must subscribe to the HR Games Area One email list to receive confirmation of their registration and other information.  To subscribe send an email from the address you want subscribed to:  Expect about 10 messages per year from January through April.  Unsubcribing is easy  and information is available at the bottom of each message.  All of this information will be available on this web site if you choose to be responsible for retrieving it instead of having it emailed to you.


Fourteen teams will be able to participate in the Area I HRGames Competition.  The first 16 teams to submit the registration form will participate.  Undergraduate students who are SHRM national members by the time of the competition and have a graduation date later than December 1, 2002, are eligible to participate.


The competition will use a "Jeopardy" style format with teams of three (3) undergraduate students.  The teams will compete over several rounds to determine who will represent Area I in the national competition in Orlando, FL, June  2003. The winner of the Area I competition will compete against the winners from the other 5 SHRM Areas.  Arrangements are being made to pay the expenses of the teams who participate in Orlando.




Information and rules for the game can be found at:


HRGames Manual at:


Sample questions my students made up


Mobley, Thomas SPHR and Maher, CatherineHR Scrimage 2004

    This is an excellent resource for people who want to put on a sample game. It includes sample grids and questions.  The questions have been tested and used in sample games to improve their quality. Email the authors for details.


A sample PowerPoint presentation for practice in a slightly different format of game is available by emailing:


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